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Walk around magic, table magic by Quintus the purple magician

Walk around magic

Quintus will start chatting with the guests, and then magic will happen!

Walk around magic (also known as table magic) is a form of entertainment which does not require any preparation.

Table magic by Quintus van Amstel

People can chat, eat or drink, and music can be played while Quintus constantly tailors to the needs of the audience.

Quintus will feel and see what is happening around him and react on it. Such performances are fantastic entertainment for weddings, corporate events etc.


Quintus van Amstel steelt horloge

"We totally recommend Quintus! He performed in our party and was a big success. Everybody enjoyed it, kids and adults! He is very professional (promptly replies emails, clears all doubts, arrives on time)  and is nice to everyone. I would like to highlight how patient, kind and fun he is."
"Quintus was extremely professional, dependable, easy to work with, good with the kids and entertaining. We highly recommend him."
“would highly recommend Quintus, we had much fun, he is punctual, patient, kind and very very funny. second time we have been to his show, great value. best wishes sally.."
"Quintus was fantastic. He held the attention of all my guests. My friends are all still talking about how good he was."