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Quintus the purple magician - links

Walk around magic

- Suitable for almost every setting.
- Guests can part, there can be background music.
- Quintus speaks English and Dutch.
- Perfect for weddings, corporate events and festivals.
- Suitable for restaurants/terraces during drinks.
- Not suitable for during meals.

1 hour € 350,-
2 hours € 525,-
3 hours € 700,-
4 hours € 875,-
5 hours € 1050,-
6 hours € 1225,-

Warning, prices are excluding VAT and traveling expenses.

- VAT: 6%
- Traveling expances: € 0,25 per kilometre from Tilburg (The Netherlands)
For performances on the West Frisian Islands and outside of the Netherlands there will be other traveling expenses.
- These prices apply to the year 2018.


Can you recommend me in your network? 

When you will initiate a second booking, you will receive a 25% discount! The second booker recieves the same discount.
The next booking must be made before the performance takes place.

You can be your own second booker by booking Quintus for several days. You will recieve a 25% discount on both days.

You can always request a tailor-made price quotation.