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News of Quintus the purple magician


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A short documentary about Quintus.

Yaëla Conde Pallas
Tom van Weert
Zoë Kroonen
Script Editor:
Melinda Cynthia Hartanto
Arturo Grima

"It's a kind of magic"

New guestperformance
in Amio's vlog. (Dutch)

Quintus appears in Amio's vlog.

More episodes: www.amio.nl

Tokken met Amio:
"Quintus zaagt Josefien door midden!"

Quintus wins first price close-up magic in Belgium 2016 (Dutch)


Quintus is officially the first
Dutch champion street magic!

15 mei 2016

Read the article (Dutch):

Quintus the purple magician Dutch Champion street magic 2016
foto: Bert Speelman

in TV-show "Amio" (Dutch)

Quintus performs in episode 4 and 13, but these series are so much fun, you have to see them all!

All episodes: www.amio.nl


Amio episode 4: "Miswatte?!"

Amio episode 13: "Helemaal het einde!"

Two trophies again!

Quintus wins two prices in Limburg
October 3rd 2015

Read the article (Dutch): www.dichtbij.nl

Quintus the purple magician takes two trophies home

Quintus van Amstel wins two trophies

Televisioninterview (Dutch)

Program "NH Buurten" from RTVNH
Broadcast: september 2nd 2015


Quintus wins the first price in street magic

Sundat the 24th of May this magic entertainer won the first price at the event "Boulevard of Magic 2015" in IJmuiden.

Article by Iris Weber (in Dutch): http://www.dichtbij.nl/

Radiointerview with QMusic (in Dutch): http://q-music.nl/

Quintus wins the first price with his street magic
Quintus wins the first price in street magic

Two trophies in one day

Not one, but two prices Quintus takes with him to the Netherlands. He won the 3rd price for stage magic and the 2nd price for his close-up magic. This event was organized by the "Koninklijke Vlaamse Goochelaars van België."

Read the artikel by Iris Weber (in Dutch): www.dichtbij.nl

Quintus recieves two trophies
Quintus wint twee prijzen op de Magic Hand Day 2015

First price in Belgium

Quintus recieved the first price with his close-up act at
the championships of magic in Belgium 2014.

Quintus the purple magician in the newspaper

Quintus will be in the book "Passie voor Illusie" by Edwin Wiekens

Een photobook, a documentary about magicians and illusionists and the passion for their profession. Beside Quintus there will be six other magicians and illusionists in this project. This book contains photos of the performers during the preparation backstage and during performance. https://www.facebook.com/passie.voor.illusie

Quintus does charity for Kika

Sunday May 26th 2013 Quintus performed for the charity organisation KiKa. At the event in Amersfoort kids drove a route by bicycle. Doing this they got 22,000 euros for this charity.