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Biography of Quintus van Amstel "the purple magician"


Quintus van Amstel (1982) is the son of the magician, Aubrey van Amstel. During childhood Quintus came into contact with the art of magic.
After a two years education programme for miming he performed musical mime-acts with his brother from 2005 to 2012 as "Duo Doorgedraaid".

This background in physical comedy causes his approach to be theatrically different from magicians.

Quintus vertoond als kind een kaarttruc
Quintus (eight years old)
Aubrey van Amstel vader van Quintus
Aubrey van Amstel 1959

Quintus maakt zijn eigen goochelspullen

Quintus studied at Utrecht University of Art. Besides paintings, drawings and ceramics he designs and makes most of his props and costumes himself.

Quintus has won several prices with his acts in several countries.

At the Dutch championships of 2016 and 2018 Quintus became the the Dutch champion of streetmagic.

Newspaper: "Quintus is the best magician"